Important News from The Bijou Cafe

At the Bijou Café, we are fully committed to the health and well-being of our guests, staff and their families. We are continuing to educate our staff on the Covid19 as we learn more from the CDC and WHO.

As a food service business, we are regulated by strict health and sanitation rules by the state of Florida. Each of our employees are trained and certified in strategies to reduce food-borne illness and practice safe hygiene. Accordingly, we do not permit any of our employees to work if they are not feeling well. We are now respectfully asking guests who might be coughing, feverish, or otherwise not feeling well to please save their visit for another time.

We habitually sanitize our menus, wine lists and check presenters after guests have handled them. We continuously clean and sanitize all surfaces that guests come in contact with, including the front desk, bathrooms, chairs, doorknobs, etc. Our linens and napkins are provided by Alsco, an NSF Certified company, and are guaranteed cleaned, disinfected and free of disease-causing pathogens. We have 5 dedicated handwashing stations in our kitchen allowing our staff to continuously wash their hands during service. We have hand sanitizing gel available at various stations around the restaurant and bar. We have requested that employees do not shake hands, kiss, or hug guests and we hope no one is offended.

While this pandemic threatens the health of our community it is also jeopardizing our employees’ financial security. We humbly ask you to continue to support us and our fellow restaurateurs during this crisis. If unable or uncomfortable with dining out, we will gladly package food and wine for takeout and curbside pickup. If you are comfortable coming out to enjoy lunch or dinner with us, we ask you to be generous to the wait staff who are struggling at a time when they would normally be enjoying the benefits of peak season.

Thank you for your support and may you keep well,


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